Legislation pertaining to inspections

Crane and lifting device inspection requires exact knowledge of ordinances and equipment. We adapt to changes in statutes immediately to ensure that our hoist inspections always fulfill the legal requirements – or even exceed them, when special durability or safety is required of a piece of equipment.

Below are some of the laws, decrees and decisions governing the use and inspection of crane and lifting devices. You can take a closer look at the decisions and decrees of the Council of State and the Ministry of Trade and Industry at the Finlex site.

Laws and decrees

  • Finnish Government Decree on the Safety of Machinery (400/2008)
  • Finnish Government Decree on the Safe Use and Inspection of Work Equipment (403/2008)
  • Electrical Safety Act of Finland (410/1996)
  • Finnish Electrical Safety Decree (498/1996)
  • Decision of the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry on the Safety of Electrical Equipment (1694/1993)
  • Finnish Government Decree on Work Safety in Connection with Loading or Unloading Vessels (633/2004)
  • Finnish Government Decree on Lifting Personnel by Lifting Devices and for Trucks (1101/2010)
  • Decision of the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry on the Bringing in to Use and Use of Electrically Operated Lifts (663/1996)
  • Decision of the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry on the Safety of Elevators (564/1997)


The Finnish Council of State Decision on Cranes and their Inspection (1037/1989) entered into force on 1 September 1990. This decision regulates the statutory commissioning inspections and annual periodic inspections of industrial cranes with a lifting capacity that exceeds 500 kg.

January 1, 1994 saw the enacting of Council of State decision 1403/1994 on the safe use of tools. The decision made directive 89/655/ETY of the Council of Europe valid also in Finland.

The Council of State decision 856 was enacted in 1998. This decision included §77, the annual periodic inspection of lifting equipment, and §65 on so-called 10-year inspections.

The Council of State decree 403 was enacted on January 1, 2009. The requirement for the initial inspection of new personnel lifts and rough terrain cranes was lifted. Hoist inspections may only be carried out by communities of experts and by those who have demonstrated their expertise through a personal certificate. 

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