Crane alignment and track measurement

Nosturiexpertit does crane alignment and track measurement for industrial needs. The equipment we use includes a GEODIMETER 650 total station, surveying prisms and tools tailored for the measurement of cranes and tracks.

The measurements are done on the client’s equipment, according to their wishes. A report and graphical diagram will be made of the measurement to more clearly indicate the results.

Typical targets of measurement

Typical targets of measurement for cranes include the track and rail wheels as well as the straightness of steel structures and machinery. The calculating instructions for cranes and the steel structures of crane tracks as well as the tolerances of cranes and crane tracks are given in standard ISO 12488-1.

When do I need a measurement?

  • When the rail wheels, end bracket or bogie have been changed
  • When the crane has been welded
  • When cracks are discovered in the crane
  • When the density of damage to rail wheels and rail wheel bearings is great
  • When the track and rail wheels wear one another out
  • When a crane or track is being prepared
  • When a crane or track is being repaired, especially with high-speed cranes
  • When damage to things like main supports are suspected

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Ask us for more information about track measurement or crane alignment . We operate all over Finland with our team of 16 regular employees. You can reach us by phone, e-mail or by leaving a contact request directly using this form. 

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